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yellow painting

Why go to psychotherapy?

…when something worries you long-term, when you can’t decide, when you are surprised by unexpected situations in life, when you are exhausted or distressed, when coping with the loss of someone close, when you have family problems, when you are having difficulty finding a partner, when you are ill….

…but also when you are happy and satisfied but need support in some decisions, in new steps in life, relationships in work or interesting opportunities.

Why choose a session based on the approach of Biosynthesis?

...when your problems are mirrored in your body, your body reacts more sensitively to stressful situations, and you are looking to explore possible connections between your health problems, psychic and your own life story.

What is art therapy?

…it’s a type of psychotherapy which uses painting, drawing, and work with materials such as clay, textiles and paper. It does not require any artistic talent. It’s not about what you produce or how beautiful it is, but rather it works on the thought-process behind the creation and composition. What you get is connected to the problem or the question that you bring to the session.

Why choose art therapy sessions?

…if using art in therapy interests you, if you have difficulty in expressing ideas and feelings, if you would like to be more creative, if you want to try something new...

…if creative methods of expression are already known to you and have proved successful.